Is God Loving Me Today?

“It is good…To declare Your lovingkindness in the morning, and Your faithfulness at night.” From Psalm 92 vss. 1 and 2.

This morning, whatever has happened in your life up to this point, whatever God brings today, no matter how your evening plays out, God will have been right there with you loving you through it all. Even if you don’t think about His love, feel it or want it, He will be loving you passionately, intimately, in ways crafted just for you, beloved child. And He will faithfully continue nurturing His love for you for all eternity. He won’t get tired of you, be aggravated with you or simply ignore you because you ignore Him. No, He will love you. Today. Tomorrow. Eternally. If you belong to Jesus.

Tonight, when you look back on your day, and reflect on the good and bad you acted out, how, perhaps, you forgot about Him, rebelled against HIm, depended on Him by His grace but took credit for that, you WILL be able to say, “God was faithful to His Word, His promises and to me today.”  Even if you weren’t faithful to Him, He was there being completely, attentively faithful to you. You can praise Him tonight and thank Him for His heart-felt faithfulness to you.

Verse 4 says, “For You, LORD, have made me glad through Your work; I will triumph in the works of Your hands.”

You can be glad this lovely day because God will be loving you through it and He will be faithful to you. If you have failed Him in some way, let that not push you away from Him, but draw you closer to Him knowing He has already paid the price for your sin through Jesus, will grant forgiveness as soon as you ask and will restore you to a right relationship with Him. Even your sin on this lovely day can be used by Him to bring you into more intimate fellowship with Him. That is a God who ever loves and is ever faithful!


About One Who's Having a Lovely Day!

Hi Friend. I hate writing about myself but there's this little "About You" box I'm supposed to fill up so here's my attempt at that: I am the happily married wife of an awesome elder at our local Bible church. We've been hitched for 29+ years and have 5 amazing sons and 2 equally amazing daughters-in-law. I grew up in East Texas and currently live in North Texas on some acreage where we raise boys and various animals. I love my family, my friends, my church and my life, but mostly, I love Jesus. Not perfectly and not as much as I should, but He is my Savior and I love Him for being willing to save my wretched little self. OK. Enough about me!
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1 Response to Is God Loving Me Today?

  1. smithhs says:

    So encouraging! Thank you for sharing!

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