Whenever we feel that a situation in which we are stranded is hopeless, we’ve lost sight of how big our God is.

Elijah (1 Kings 19:1-8), Jonah (Jonah 4:38), Job (Job 6:8-9), Moses (Numbers 11:10-15) and Jeremiah (Jeremiah 20:14-18) all looked at their respective situations and felt hopeless enough to request death. Have you ever felt that way? You’re in good company if you have.

But even more encouraging than having a common experience with those guys, is this: you have an amazingly present (Ps. 46:1), protective (Ps. 121), loving (1 John), near (Jeremiah 23:23-24), powerful (Ps. 46) God who works out all situations for the good of His children. Every single time. Even this time. Romans 8:28-29

No matter what it is we face, when we feel hopeless, that should alert us to something – we’re looking only at the situation. In our humanness, sometimes that’s all we can grasp. But that’s not all the reality of the situation. There’s more truth and action going on than we can see. God is at work. He is near you right now. He has a good plan. He can be trusted.

Don’t lose sight of your big God.* This situation will pass. Look to Him for strength to face it and to face it well without despair and hopelessness.

Remember: Whenever we feel that a situation in which we are stranded is hopeless, we’ve lost sight of how big our God is. Repent. Believe Him. Rest in His unfailing love for you and have a lovely day.


*Psalm 143:7-8 and Psalm 46 are wonderful passages on which to meditate if you feel overwhelmed now and have, perhaps, forgotten your  powerful God. Blessings.



About One Who's Having a Lovely Day!

Hi Friend. I hate writing about myself but there's this little "About You" box I'm supposed to fill up so here's my attempt at that: I am the happily married wife of an awesome elder at our local Bible church. We've been hitched for 29+ years and have 5 amazing sons and 2 equally amazing daughters-in-law. I grew up in East Texas and currently live in North Texas on some acreage where we raise boys and various animals. I love my family, my friends, my church and my life, but mostly, I love Jesus. Not perfectly and not as much as I should, but He is my Savior and I love Him for being willing to save my wretched little self. OK. Enough about me!
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