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Small Moments

This lovely day has consisted of: pewter clouds scuttling across a pewter sky. a delightful photography lesson with my has-an-eye-for-photography son and artsy daughter-in-law. dust all over my computer. a runny nose– probably from the dust. all the laundry washed, … Continue reading

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In Whatever I Trust…in that I Expect Happiness

Remember, O my soul, when the day seems less than lovely…it is my duty and privilege to rejoice in God; He requires it of me (Phil. 4:4). Rejoice then in the Giver and His goodness. Be happy in Him, O … Continue reading

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The Good Life

Paul David Tripp said, “God is unwilling to be your means to what you call the ‘good life.’ No, relationship with him must be your definition of the ‘good life.’” This is another thing I must remember when I have … Continue reading

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My Unlovely Day

I knew this would happen. As soon as I felt led to begin a blog about all the lovely things in a day, I knew would have a day that didn’t look or feel very lovely. Enter Saturday. I woke … Continue reading

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Where did the title of this blog come from?

Or to be proper: From where did the title of this blog come? Say it with a British accent. Lovely, my dear! OK. Really. Why “This Lovely Day” as a title? Because every day has something lovely in it, namely, … Continue reading

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